WELL Being Camp – divine masculine & feminine in MEN & WOMEN

3. – 7. 10. 2018 Kubasova Chalupa

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Men and Women! How can they understand each other?

This understanding goes beyond the gender. We are all beings having both the inner masculine & feminine. Their qualities can be called upon in daily life. The strength of these two energies is hidden in every one of us. When we find the key to our inner resource we can understand and rewrite our story. We then RISE in unconditional love, abundance & magic.

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Human body is perfect, beautiful and extremely knowledgable. Our body is the most unique and safest temple in this world.

What is possible in your body. How simple it is to connect to your body and feed it what it wants, from healthy food to healthy relationships. How you can truly deeply connect to your innate wisdom, your resource. How sacred geometry explains balance. How you can build your perfect life in alignment with your deepest calling. That and so much more we will be tapping into with guides who are already embodying these principles.

Divine masculine & feminine in MEN & WOMEN

In amazing space of "Kubasova chalupa" in region of the Earle Mountains in the Czech Republic

3. - 7.

October 2018

Who is guiding the journey


Jana Havlíková

The founder and creatrix of WELL BEING CAMP project (the seventh year) will guide us through limitless creativity. She helps to discover hidden potential of self healing though Art Therapy.

Eliška (1)

Eliška Vaea

Women's intimate health mentor, who focuses on empowerment of the feminine and balance of the masculine and feminine essence in one's body. Eliska has over 500 hours of Yoga Alliance certifications. She is the only certified 5Elements Dance Activation© guide in the Czech Republic and a certified circle and shamanic cacao ceremony guide.

lektorka Gabriela Dušková

Gabriela Dušková

Connector who guides on a multidimensional 5D journey, conscious reality co-creation, reprogramming polarity balance & sacred geometry.

lektorka zuzana Lužná

Zuzana Lužná

Author of several epic raw food "cook"books. She shares her passion for simple and truly nourishing food for the body and soul. You will be tasting Zuzka's creations during the camp.

lektor Martin Nykodym

Martin Nykodým

Ancient sweat lodge ritual holder, CORE ENERGETICS & MUSIC THERAPY teacher.

Tajana Anastázie

TaJana Anastázie

Herbalist queen shares the wisdom of wild plants, their conscious collection and use. She will introduce basic principles of using herbs in daily meals, sweet & sour. You will experience how simple it is to live in a forest from its resources.

Valerio Verrea (1)

Valerio Verrea, PhD

is the founder of Shamanic Reiki®️ method and has dedicated his life to support people in their transformation. He shared space with Shamans in Latin Americe and has been leading man circles & shamanic ceremonies globally. Moreover he is a professional facilitator of Family Constellations, Reiki Master with a deepened practice in the field of Love and Sexuality.


We will support the energy of the body and his-hers wisdom with locally sourced, fresh and even our very own hand picked HIGH VIBE VEGAN foods.
All in all, we are aiming for spring renewal, simplicity & lightness. One day will be specifically DETOX.



3.- 7. 10 2018 (Wednesday - Sunday)

Journey starts:

18:00 (Wednesday)

Journey finishes:

14:00 (Sunday)


Kubasova chalupa (Sudislav nad Orlici 11, 56201)


270,- EUR

Early bird:

all inclusive if paid by 30 .6. 2018 222,- EUR


If you are already super excited as we are about stepping up and opening other hidden spaces in your body then WAIT NO MORE!

About program

Program includes SWEATLODGE ritual, WIM HOF breathwork & icebath, Ecstatic dance, Art Therapy, Yoga, Core energetics, Soundhealing, Individual men circle,
women sharing circle and so much more together with high vibe vegan cuisine topped with wild herbs from the nearby forrest & meadows and much more…



Beautiful place in countryside with family history. Rebuild in vintage style, in one of the small villages of Orlické Podhůří. KUBASOVA CHALUPA.

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